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Trust, Transparency and unbiased consulting have become the base of Investment Mall since the foundation. Investment Mall offers all the investment avenues, traditional as well as the new generation avenues on the single rack. We are in to the business of Wealth Management since more than 6 decades.     

We believe that,

Creating wealth is 10% of the job, rest is 90%.

Generally these 90% of job are performed in form of,
30% over spending
30% carelessness
30% mismanagement

We at investment Mall helps you to remove above forms of the 90% job by providing Wealth Management Services.

We turn the KASH of investors in to CASH

K knowledge To Vision C
A attitude To Action A
S skill To Courage S
H habits To Resolution H

At investment Mall  ‘Investor’ turns in to the ‘SMART investor’ by

S  ystematic Approch
M onitoring & Management
A  dvice
R  easonable
T  imely Action

Investment Mall offers you following services in a single roof,

  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Share Portfolio Management
  • Insurance Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education & Marriage Planning
  • Mutual Fund
  • Post Office
  • RBI & Tax Saving Bond
  • Company’s Deposits

We recommend following ten commandment of Investment to our investors.

  1. Always diversify you portfolio but do not create a portfolio of very large no of items
  2. Remember the golden rule Higher The Risk Higher The Return
  3. Do not love you Investment
  4. Take Help of professionals and consider their advices
  5. Regularly Monitor your Investment
  6. Have reasonable expectation
  7. Do not project past in to future. Invest on the basis of future prospects
  8. Always be greedy and when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy
  9. Investment is a process and not an event hence give reasonable time to perform
  10. Follow all the above not one or some of them


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