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Date:  25/04/2014
Retail investors fail to sail in choppy waters
India’s retail investors, accessing stock markets through the mutual fund (MF) route, have lost money-making opportunities in these five years of choppy markets, several data points indicate.Despite a cry from fund managers and investment advisors to remain invested for a longer horizon, several retail investors have lacked the holding strength and have exited their investments, often even at losses. An analysis of returns made by equity funds shows investors would have at least doubled their investments in the past five years, even as the benchmark indices remained flat. A majority of the investors, however, lacked the strength to average or even hold on to their investments when the Sensex declined to below 10,000 during 2009. On the other hand, they have been investing at times when the market has traded at rich valuations.(BS)
Date:  25/04/2014
LIC sells shares worth Rs 6,300 crore in Sensex companies
State-owned life insurer LIC lowered its exposure in 15 blue-chip firms during the January- March quarter with sale of shares that are currently worth over Rs 6,300 crore. At the same time, LIC increased stake in 12 Sensex firms by purchasing shares worth over Rs 13,000 crore, as per the shareholding pattern of 30-bluechip companies on the BSE. In two companies - Tata Steel and Tata Power - LIC's stake remained unchanged during the quarter. It has not held any stake in Hindustan Unilever in the past few quarters. (ET)
Date:  25/04/2014
Market rally to continue; Nifty seen at 7,200 in May series
The Indian benchmark indices are on an upmove and are frequently registering fresh all-time highs. The Nifty ended the April series at record closing high level. The momentum is likely to continue in May series. The elections result on May 16 will be a major catalyst for the market and if the outcome is as per the market expectations, then the upmove will gain strength and the Nifty may even touch 7,200 by the end of the May series, say analysts. "If the results are in line with market expectations, that is if there is a clear majority for the NDA, there will be scope for a further rally and I would not be surprised if by the end of May we see levels of around 7,200 on the Nifty," said Sudip Bandyopadhyay, President, Destimoney Securities. (ET)
Date:  24/04/2014
New Sebi norms for liquidity enhancement scheme of stock exchanges
Market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) on Wednesday limited the period of liquidity enhancement schemes of stock exchanges to a maximum of three years. The Sebi in February last year had allowed stock exchanges to introduce incentive schemes for brokers and intermediaries to enhance liquidity in illiquid securities in the equity cash and derivative segments. Under the scheme, brokers and other market intermediaries are given incentives for a specified period of time to bring in liquidity and generate investor interest in securities which have limited trading activity. In a circular issued on Wednesday, Sebi said that the liquidity enhancement schemes enhance would have to be “objective, transparent, non-discretionary and non-discriminatory”.(Mint)
Date:  24/04/2014
When would retail investors make money?
"Don't follow what majority does, majority never makes money in stock markets," one of India's top most fund managers recently had told Business Standard. This fits well when it comes to India's retail investors who access stock markets through equity mutual funds. The country's fund managers kept crying foul to attract investments in their equity schemes for almost last half-a-decade. Unfortunately, their advices and suggestions fell on deaf years as retail investors could no more keep their patience and missed no opportunity to exit their investments - no matter even if they had to book losses. This has been the general phenomena at least for the last five years. However, had they listened to those advices, the minimum return they could have easily made would have been, (BS)
Date:  24/04/2014
A switch from liquid funds to ‘short-term’ plans may fetch more
Many financial advisors are asking their clients to redeem their investments in liquid and ultra-short term bond (USTB) funds, and invest the proceeds in short-term bond funds to pocket better risk-adjusted returns in the next year. "If you have one-year time horizon and if you can take moderate risk, it is time to shift to short-term bond funds," says Lakshmi Iyer, chief investment officer (debt) and head of products, Kotak Asset Management Company. These schemes will benefit from the prevailing high short-term rates, and they may also provide capital gains when the rates starts coming down sometime next year, say experts. (ET)
Date:  24/04/2014
Private Equity | Foreign Pension Funds | State General Reserve Fund | Canada Pension Plan Investment
The BSE Sensex and Nifty hit record highs for a third session in a row. Sentiment was also supported as foreign investors remained net buyers for a third consecutive session on Tuesday, though of shares worth a modest $30.80 million, bringing their net total to $135.24 million since Thursday. Analysts expect gains to be limited in the near term as companies post their financial results and India continues its five-week long election process. Markets will remain shut on Thursday when Mumbai goes to the polls.The Sensex gained 0.52 per cent to close at 22,876.54. The index earlier rose as much as 0.63 per cent to a record high of 22,912.52. The Nifty closed 0.37 per cent higher at 6,840.80, after gaining as much as 0.68 per cent to hit a life high of 6,861.60.(BS)
Date:  24/04/2014
Sensex, Nifty hit record high for third straight session
The BSE Sensex and Nifty hit record highs for a third session in a row as infrastructure companies such as Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L&T) extended recent gains while lenders including Yes Bank Ltd. advanced on hopes the worst was over in terms of asset quality deterioration. Sentiment was also supported as foreign investors remained net buyers for a third consecutive session on Tuesday, though of shares worth a modest $30.80 million, bringing their net total to $135.24 million since Thursday. Still, broader gains were capped by continued profit-taking in recent outperformers such as Tata Motors Ltd., and by falls in regional shares after a survey showed manufacturing activity in China was still contracting in April.(Mint)
Date:  23/04/2014
FIIs pull out $1.06 bn from bonds
Foreign institutional investors (FIIs) seem to find Indian bonds less attractive these days having turned net sellers in the past couple of weeks. That’s despite yields being near multi-month highs and the rupee remaining stable, reports fe Bureau in Mumbai. FIIs have pulled out $1.06 billion from the local debt market so far in April even as the 10-year bond yield hit a four-month high, crossing 9% on April 7. Some of the outflows were anticipated; of the $1.06 billion that moved out, $450 million was due to treasury bills maturing. The Reserve Bank of India has disallowed FIIs from investing in short-term treasury bills from April onwards. FIIs had pumped in $6.1 billion during January-March, most of it into treasury bills. However, FIIs have also turned a tad cautious because forward premiums have risen and the poll results are around the corner.(FE)
Date:  23/04/2014
Investors shy away from gold ETFs
Gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs), once a popular investment vehicle among retail investors, seem to be losing appeal, going by the large-scale closure of folios and the continuous net outflows. In the past year, about a fifth of the accounts set up for investments in this product have seen closures. In the past, a slew of investors had made investments in gold ETFs, anticipating gold prices would soar to new highs. In May 2013, the number of gold ETF-specific folios had exceeded 600,000, while assets under management had breached the Rs 10,000-crore mark. According to the latest statistics from the Association of Mutual Funds of India, gold ETFs have lost 18 per cent of their investor base since May. In recent months, these products have seen continuous net outflows, owing to redemptions and lack of new sales.(BS)
Date:  23/04/2014
Gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs), once a popular investment vehicle among retail investors, seem to
The BSE Sensex ended flat on Tuesday after hitting record highs for a second session as momentum waned ahead of the expiry of monthly derivative contracts and on expectations that current levels sufficiently price in fundamentals. Investors booked profits in recent outperformers such as State Bank of India and Tata Motors, though gains in other sectors such as capital goods helped offset those losses. Though foreign investors have underpinned sentiment, the pace of buying has slowed. Foreign institutional investors bought shares worth Rs 213 crore ($35.2 million) on Monday, having bought $67.6 million worth shares on Thursday.Analysts warn markets could be headed for a period of range-bound trading. Derivative contracts will expire on Wednesday while markets will remain closed on Thursday as Mumbai heads to the polls in the ongoing general elections.(BS)
Date:  23/04/2014
Yields on tax-free bonds quite attractive
Fresh tax-free bond issues are unlikely before October-November. This is why listed bonds are being traded more on the stock exchanges and on the over-the-counter market. According to market operators, such bonds of Rs 200 crore are changing hands daily — and demand is arising across investor categories — by both retail and corporate bodies. The yields on tax-free bonds are 8-8.75 per cent, making these attractive investment options. For instance, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) tax-free bonds (coupon 8.20 per cent; maturity January 2022) with a face value of Rs 1,000 are trading at Rs 1,051, offering a yield to maturity of 8.09 per cent. Though investors will get 8.2 per cent coupon, since one buys these at market prices, higher than the face value, the final yield is a little lower. (BS)
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